July 30, 2008

I’ve had an epiphany, see if this makes sense to you…

‘Progressives’ have a vested interest in people having problems.

If someone comes up with a solution to a problem, they will do everything in their power to block it.  If a solution actually works — they will publish lies about it and make it appear that it doesn’t work. If there  isn’t a problem, they will pull a problem out their wazoo and make it appear to be a problem.

This enables them to take over the government, and force their false ‘solution’ down everyone’s throat. This false solution usually entails a bigger unwieldy bureaucracy, massive waste, and even more problems. They can use these new problems to consolidate their control over peoples lives even more.

We’ll call this new law of the universe:

“The vicious cycle of progressivism”

Replace ‘progressive’ with the label du jour that they currently like to call themselves: ‘liberal’, ‘socialist’, ‘statist‘, ‘communist’, … Eventually they will wear out the word ‘progressive’ and have to come up with a new label. But it doesn’t matter what they call themselves, this law of the universe still holds.

Wind power cannot work. We cannot drill our way out of the energy crisis. Government is the only solution to the ‘crisis’ in health care. Terrorism is not caused by Islamists — it’s due to inadequate funding for liberals pet giveaway project in the mid-east.  The surge cannot work in Iraq.

Make sense?