July 30, 2008

I’ve had an epiphany, see if this makes sense to you…

‘Progressives’ have a vested interest in people having problems.

If someone comes up with a solution to a problem, they will do everything in their power to block it.  If a solution actually works — they will publish lies about it and make it appear that it doesn’t work. If there  isn’t a problem, they will pull a problem out their wazoo and make it appear to be a problem.

This enables them to take over the government, and force their false ‘solution’ down everyone’s throat. This false solution usually entails a bigger unwieldy bureaucracy, massive waste, and even more problems. They can use these new problems to consolidate their control over peoples lives even more.

We’ll call this new law of the universe:

“The vicious cycle of progressivism”

Replace ‘progressive’ with the label du jour that they currently like to call themselves: ‘liberal’, ‘socialist’, ‘statist‘, ‘communist’, … Eventually they will wear out the word ‘progressive’ and have to come up with a new label. But it doesn’t matter what they call themselves, this law of the universe still holds.

Wind power cannot work. We cannot drill our way out of the energy crisis. Government is the only solution to the ‘crisis’ in health care. Terrorism is not caused by Islamists — it’s due to inadequate funding for liberals pet giveaway project in the mid-east.  The surge cannot work in Iraq.

Make sense?


2 Responses to “Epiphany!”

  1. Steve said

    I’m glad you’ve seen the light. By the way, you forgot, “The War is Lost.” But you got the point.

    Also, a few weeks ago, you posted a comment on my site about me complaining about Pelosi using her power to block a vote on energy. You said she had the right because the will of the people were expressed in voting her in.

    Nope. She was elected by a district in San Fran, not the American people. If you think the folks in San Fran represent the will of the people, you’ll need to continue your conversion to conservatism.

    But keep it up. You’ll get there.

  2. fritzkatz said

    Well, yes. “The War is Lost.” I thought I’d covered that with “The surge cannot work in Iraq”, but let’s not mince words.

    Pelosi is expressing the will of the people because she *IS* the Speaker of the House. She has that title, and authority, because a slim majority of the people of the USA voted for a majority of Democrats in the 2006 election:


    But how did she become Speaker of the House?:

    There are idiots in Pennsylvania who voted for John “Traitor” Murtha, just as there are idiots in Louisiana who voted for William “Cold Cash” Jefferson. When you add all the idiots in America up, you give Nancy Pelosi the majority she needed to become speaker of the house.

    Pelosi is not just a product of a district in San Fransicko — Nancy represents all of America. Because a majority of Americans voted for Democrats in 2006.

    Hey, just look at history. A majority of Germans voted for Hitler and a majority of Palestinians voted for the terrorist group Hamas. Democracy is not all it’s cracked up to be. That’s why our Founding Fathers thought a “Republic” might be a better idea.

    Don’t get me wrong. I kind-of like conservatives because at least they give lip-service to the ideals of individual liberty, honesty, capitalism, and individual responsibility. I’d much rather be governed by conservatives than liberals, at least conservatives would let me keep the dollars I earn with my own hard work. Liberals (i.e. ‘progressives’), want to steal money out of my pocket and use it for their own projects.

    Unfortunately, there is always the occasional Ted Stevens or Larry Craig on the conservative/Republican side to prove me wrong.

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