Michelle Malkin has a report about the new channel:

It’s all Obama, all the time.

Obama TV

Obama TV

SoulFixer TV.

HopeNChange News.

Is it a violation of FCC & FEC rules?

It’s not a FCC violation to have a channel that’s just plain partisan socialist or even communist. Perhaps after Obama wins and institutes the “Fairness Doctrine”, making conservativeness a “thought crime” then it will be a violation to have a channel with just one point of view.

Donno about the FEC violation. Isn’t that channel a 24-hour rolling advertisement and might be a violation of McCain-Feingold regarding contributions to political candidates?

So stop yer bitchin’ if you don’t like what you see on TV, change the channel — literally.

Why don’t conservatives start their own channel? There’s plenty of content from numerous conservative/libertarian producers (PajamasTV, HotAir, ReasonTV). We could run programs from MEMRI exposing the Islamofascists. There are hundreds on YouTube. I bet Rush Limbaugh TV (a.k.a. DittoCam) would be more popular than the Howard Stern TV show. There are many classic conservative movies.

The financial cost has for creating a TV network has never been lower. Corporations can buy 24-hour channels on DirecTV or Dish to reach their workforce nationwide for a cost much less than building a single analog broadcasting station. Maybe that’s what was done for the Obama channel.

New ATSC digital broadcasting enables more channels. It would be possible to piggy-back on an existing broadcasters in major markets like LA or NY.

People with independent / conservative / libertarian (small L, like Dennis Miller) free-market ideas are the majority in this country. They would flock to such a channel. That would be a huge market — and bring in huge revenue advertising and/or subscriptions.