Michelle Malkin has a report about the new channel:

It’s all Obama, all the time.

Obama TV

Obama TV

SoulFixer TV.

HopeNChange News.

Is it a violation of FCC & FEC rules?

It’s not a FCC violation to have a channel that’s just plain partisan socialist or even communist. Perhaps after Obama wins and institutes the “Fairness Doctrine”, making conservativeness a “thought crime” then it will be a violation to have a channel with just one point of view.

Donno about the FEC violation. Isn’t that channel a 24-hour rolling advertisement and might be a violation of McCain-Feingold regarding contributions to political candidates?

So stop yer bitchin’ if you don’t like what you see on TV, change the channel — literally.

Why don’t conservatives start their own channel? There’s plenty of content from numerous conservative/libertarian producers (PajamasTV, HotAir, ReasonTV). We could run programs from MEMRI exposing the Islamofascists. There are hundreds on YouTube. I bet Rush Limbaugh TV (a.k.a. DittoCam) would be more popular than the Howard Stern TV show. There are many classic conservative movies.

The financial cost has for creating a TV network has never been lower. Corporations can buy 24-hour channels on DirecTV or Dish to reach their workforce nationwide for a cost much less than building a single analog broadcasting station. Maybe that’s what was done for the Obama channel.

New ATSC digital broadcasting enables more channels. It would be possible to piggy-back on an existing broadcasters in major markets like LA or NY.

People with independent / conservative / libertarian (small L, like Dennis Miller) free-market ideas are the majority in this country. They would flock to such a channel. That would be a huge market — and bring in huge revenue advertising and/or subscriptions.


I donno about having to choose between the lesser of two evils when it comes to politics this year.

It’s more like a choice between evil and stupid.

I don’t see McCain as an evil man — his heart’s in the right place and he endeavors to do the right thing. Look at what McCain accomplished with Campaign Finance reform — or am-nasty for illegals (actually it was good to the illegals, but nasty for the rest of the citizens of the USA). McCain honestly thought he was doing what’s best for the country.